File Format

  • midis: midi files, MIDI is labels according to human voice.
  • textgrids: Raw label files, You can open it using praat or python.
  • wavs: Raw audio wav files.
  • segments:
    • wavs: utterance level wavs.
    • transcriptions.txt: utterance level labels.
    • train.txt: train set labels.
    • test.txt: test set labels.
  • Label Format(split with ‘|'):
    • utterance wav name
    • text
    • phoneme
    • note
    • note duration
    • phoneme duration
    • whether the current note is a slur note, 0 no, 1 yes.
  • TextGrid file example.

pinyin to phoneme mapping table

pinyin| phonemes
ba|b a
bai|b ai
ban|b an
bang|b ang
bao|b ao
bei|b ei
ben|b en
beng|b eng
bi|b i
bian|b ian
biao|b iao
bie|b ie
bin|b in
bing|b ing
bo|b o
bu|b u
ca|c a
cai|c ai
can|c an
cang|c ang
cao|c ao
ce|c e
cei|c ei
cen|c en
ceng|c eng
cha|ch a
chai|ch ai
chan|ch an
chang|ch ang
chao|ch ao
che|ch e
chen|ch en
cheng|ch eng
chi|ch i
chong|ch ong
chou|ch ou
chu|ch u
chua|ch ua
chuai|ch uai
chuan|ch uan
chuang|ch uang
chui|ch ui
chun|ch un
chuo|ch uo
ci|c i
cong|c ong
cou|c ou
cu|c u
cuan|c uan
cui|c ui
cun|c un
cuo|c uo
da|d a
dai|d ai
dan|d an
dang|d ang
dao|d ao
de|d e
dei|d ei
den|d en
deng|d eng
di|d i
dia|d ia
dian|d ian
diao|d iao
die|d ie
ding|d ing
diu|d iu
dong|d ong
dou|d ou
du|d u
duan|d uan
dui|d ui
dun|d un
duo|d uo
fa|f a
fan|f an
fang|f ang
fei|f ei
fen|f en
feng|f eng
fo|f o
fou|f ou
fu|f u
ga|g a
gai|g ai
gan|g an
gang|g ang
gao|g ao
ge|g e
gei|g ei
gen|g en
geng|g eng
gong|g ong
gou|g ou
gu|g u
gua|g ua
guai|g uai
guan|g uan
guang|g uang
gui|g ui
gun|g un
guo|g uo
ha|h a
hai|h ai
han|h an
hang|h ang
hao|h ao
he|h e
hei|h ei
hen|h en
heng|h eng
hm|h m
hng|h ng
hong|h ong
hou|h ou
hu|h u
hua|h ua
huai|h uai
huan|h uan
huang|h uang
hui|h ui
hun|h un
huo|h uo
ji|j i
jia|j ia
jian|j ian
jiang|j iang
jiao|j iao
jie|j ie
jin|j in
jing|j ing
jiong|j iong
jiu|j iu
ju|j v
juan|j van
jue|j ve
jun|j vn
ka|k a
kai|k ai
kan|k an
kang|k ang
kao|k ao
ke|k e
kei|k ei
ken|k en
keng|k eng
kong|k ong
kou|k ou
ku|k u
kua|k ua
kuai|k uai
kuan|k uan
kuang|k uang
kui|k ui
kun|k un
kuo|k uo
la|l a
lai|l ai
lan|l an
lang|l ang
lao|l ao
le|l e
lei|l ei
leng|l eng
li|l i
lia|l ia
lian|l ian
liang|l iang
liao|l iao
lie|l ie
lin|l in
ling|l ing
liu|l iu
lo|l o
long|l ong
lou|l ou
lu|l u
luan|l uan
lun|l un
luo|l uo
lv|l v
lve|l ve
ma|m a
mai|m ai
man|m an
mang|m ang
mao|m ao
me|m e
mei|m ei
men|m en
meng|m eng
mi|m i
mian|m ian
miao|m iao
mie|m ie
min|m in
ming|m ing
miu|m iu
mo|m o
mou|m ou
mu|m u
na|n a
nai|n ai
nan|n an
nang|n ang
nao|n ao
ne|n e
nei|n ei
nen|n en
neng|n eng
ng|n g
ni|n i
nian|n ian
niang|n iang
niao|n iao
nie|n ie
nin|n in
ning|n ing
niu|n iu
nong|n ong
nou|n ou
nu|n u
nuan|n uan
nun|n un
nuo|n uo
nv|n v
nve|n ve
pa|p a
pai|p ai
pan|p an
pang|p ang
pao|p ao
pei|p ei
pen|p en
peng|p eng
pi|p i
pian|p ian
piao|p iao
pie|p ie
pin|p in
ping|p ing
po|p o
pou|p ou
pu|p u
qi|q i
qia|q ia
qian|q ian
qiang|q iang
qiao|q iao
qie|q ie
qin|q in
qing|q ing
qiong|q iong
qiu|q iu
qu|q v
quan|q van
que|q ve
qun|q vn
ran|r an
rang|r ang
rao|r ao
re|r e
ren|r en
reng|r eng
ri|r i
rong|r ong
rou|r ou
ru|r u
rua|r ua
ruan|r uan
rui|r ui
run|r un
ruo|r uo
sa|s a
sai|s ai
san|s an
sang|s ang
sao|s ao
se|s e
sen|s en
seng|s eng
sha|sh a
shai|sh ai
shan|sh an
shang|sh ang
shao|sh ao
she|sh e
shei|sh ei
shen|sh en
sheng|sh eng
shi|sh i
shou|sh ou
shu|sh u
shua|sh ua
shuai|sh uai
shuan|sh uan
shuang|sh uang
shui|sh ui
shun|sh un
shuo|sh uo
si|s i
song|s ong
sou|s ou
su|s u
suan|s uan
sui|s ui
sun|s un
suo|s uo
ta|t a
tai|t ai
tan|t an
tang|t ang
tao|t ao
te|t e
tei|t ei
teng|t eng
ti|t i
tian|t ian
tiao|t iao
tie|t ie
ting|t ing
tong|t ong
tou|t ou
tu|t u
tuan|t uan
tui|t ui
tun|t un
tuo|t uo
wa|w a
wai|w ai
wan|w an
wang|w ang
wei|w ei
wen|w en
weng|w eng
wo|w o
wu|w u
xi|x i
xia|x ia
xian|x ian
xiang|x iang
xiao|x iao
xie|x ie
xin|x in
xing|x ing
xiong|x iong
xiu|x iu
xu|x v
xuan|x van
xue|x ve
xun|x vn
ya|y a
yan|y an
yang|y ang
yao|y ao
ye|y e
yi|y i
yin|y in
ying|y ing
yo|y o
yong|y ong
you|y ou
yu|y v
yuan|y van
yue|y ve
yun|y vn
za|z a
zai|z ai
zan|z an
zang|z ang
zao|z ao
ze|z e
zei|z ei
zen|z en
zeng|z eng
zha|zh a
zhai|zh ai
zhan|zh an
zhang|zh ang
zhao|zh ao
zhe|zh e
zhei|zh ei
zhen|zh en
zheng|zh eng
zhi|zh i
zhong|zh ong
zhou|zh ou
zhu|zh u
zhua|zh ua
zhuai|zh uai
zhuan|zh uan
zhuang|zh uang
zhui|zh ui
zhun|zh un
zhuo|zh uo
zi|z i
zong|z ong
zou|z ou
zu|z u
zuan|z uan
zui|z ui
zun|z un
zuo|z uo