Python Package


pip install git+

Development Install

git clone
cd wenet
pip install -e .

Command line Usage

wenet --language chinese audio.wav

You can specify the following parameters.

  • -l or --language: chinese/english are supported now.

  • -m or --model_dir: your own model dir

  • -g or --gpu: the device id of gpu, default value -1 represents for cpu.

  • -t or --show_tokens_info: show the token level information such as timestamp, confidence, etc.

  • --align: force align the input audio and transcript

  • --label: the input label to align

  • --paraformer: use the best Chinese model

Python Programming Usage

import wenet

model = wenet.load_model('chinese')
# or model = wenet.load_model(model_dir='xxx')
result = model.transcribe('audio.wav')