Pretrained Models in WeNet

Model Types

We provide two types of pretrained model in WeNet to facilitate users with different requirements.

  1. Checkpoint Model, with suffix .pt, the model trained and saved as checkpoint by WeNet python code, you can reproduce our published result with it, or you can use it as checkpoint to continue.

  2. Runtime Model, with suffix .zip, you can directly use runtime model in our x86 or android runtime, the runtime model is export by Pytorch JIT on the checkpoint model. And the runtime models has been quantized to reduce the model size and network traffic.

Model License

The pretrained model in WeNet follows the license of it’s corresponding dataset. For example, the pretrained model on LibriSpeech follows CC BY 4.0, since it is used as license of the LibriSpeech dataset, see

Model List

Here is a list of the pretrained models on different datasets. The model structure, model size, and download link are given.

Datasets Languages Checkpoint Model Runtime Model Contributor
aishell CN Conformer Conformer
aishell2 CN Conformer Conformer
gigaspeech EN Conformer Conformer
librispeech EN Conformer Conformer
multi_cn CN Conformer Conformer
wenetspeech CN Conformer Conformer